55th in 2009


See what took place at our 55th reunion, June 5-7, 2009

Thumbnails of photos from several events are shown below. To view the entire image select one of the thumbnails in each collection then proceed through all of them by clicking the arrow > at the right edge of the image.

Photos from Friday’s parade and luncheon events.

Saturday’s hospitality and banquet events.

Class of 1954 related photos by Tammy Woodard from WPI’s website.

Bob Labonte received the Herbert F. Taylor award for distinguished service to WPI at the Saturday luncheon Alumni Recognition Ceremony. Please read the description of his accomplishments at left.

2009 attendees

Paul Alasso

Harry Chapell* and Carolyn

Walt Dziura and Terry

Dave Gilbert and Fran

John Herz* and Ilse

George Kay* and Karen

Bob Labonte*

Dick Lindquist and Jane

Dave Nickerson* and Shirley

Ed Power and Eleanore

Dex Sanford*

Ed Shivell* and Dianne

Otto Wahlrab*

Wes Wheeler*

Howie Whittle

*Deceased / View list